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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sunday outing to the shops

Boy in the middle was at a party and eldest daughter was out spending her birthday money with Grandma N so I took dear husband and the babies shopping. This was a fun experience for me. Instead of struggling to manoeuvre the pushchair around the shops I could let dear husband experience the pleasure. At the end of the short 40 minute trip dear husband was fuming and experiencing a rush of buggy rage!

We ran into our first difficulty in poundland. Actually entering was our first mistake as the line to pay was long and so we decided that no bargains were worth the wait. Getting out though through the entrance was almost impossible. There was just enough space for the stroller to get through with nothing on either side. There were a lot of shoppers entering and so I suggested that dear husband go in front and clear a space for me to get through. A kind shopper noticed me waiting and and offered us space to pass but the 10 people crowding into the shop after her in search of a bargain didn't have a few seconds to spare. She apologised. Finally we saw our chance and took it. Three or four people had to reverse for us but we did make it out. We then tried out the width of the aisles in a healthfood shop which dear husband just managed to navigate rather expertly through.

We then nipped into a supermarket in search of lightbulbs and it was at this point that the snacks I had brought with me ran out. I left dear husband with the babies and I nipped off to the rice cracker aisle to find some suitable snacks. I could hear the crying across the aisles so I followed the sound back with rice crackers in hand to appease Baby A and Baby E. I had been apart from them a matter of minutes but clearly it was too much.

I am used to the oohs and aahs that come with pushing my girls around, and even the conversations with strangers. As dear husband stood trying to remember which lightbulbs we needed, a passer-by commented to her friend "It must be fun in their house at night with those two crying". Dear husband was aghast at the comment, as why would a random stranger be so bothered, but he was also too shocked to reply. By the time I rejoined them at the till dear husband was rather furious. With the shopper within ear-shot dear husband repeated the comments to me in just as much of a whisper as the shopper had. I opened the rice crackers which were promptly flung on the floor and popper the pacifiers back in which did the trick.

I replied to dear husband "It is fun in our house at night. By 8pm all 4 kids are asleep and we get to chat about the ridiculous comments passers-by have made about us or to us when they peek into our stroller".

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  1. It's odd with twins isn't it? So many seem to think that they're somehow public property & that the parent is required to immediately stop what they're doing so they can have a chat. I was carrying 1 in each hand in the carseats with my arms being pulled out of their sockets going through hosptital doors when a silly woman blocked me entering to bill & coo & have a chat - honestly! I particualrly hate that some think they can 'pet' or touch them without reference to their parents!

    Apart from that I love the attention, I love showing them off & am very proud of their friendliness & cuteness!

    At the risk of being annoying, 1 of the best purchase decision we made I think was to get a front & back rather than a side-by-side buggy; it's saved us a lot of 'buggy-rage' :)