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Monday, 28 March 2016

Drastic measures

It's taken just over 6 years, but we finally achieved noticeable differences in A and E.  I know that A and E sound different and have slightly different temperaments, but last week we went out for the day and they both wore grey tracksuit trousers and blue tops and they got extremely cross every time I called them by the wrong name.

Now the chance of this happening has been reduced and in a wonderfully simple way.
Last night I took all my kids to have their hair cut.  It had been almost a year since their last hair cut and thankfully for the couple of days previously E had been quite firm that she wanted shorter hair. A on the other hand did assume that the hairdresser would be able to make her hair really long and straight.

And so in the space of around 20 minutes, A had her hair trimmed a little and E had her hair trimmed a lot.

This moment had been discussed ever since they were babies and now it has finally happened it's great - both for my sanity and for the sake of their individuality as two wonderful little girls.Now I guess it's just a case of their teachers, relatives and friends remembering that A has longer hair and E has shorter hair!