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Saturday, 10 August 2013

The year's over!

A rather momentous occasion for A and E as they had their very first graduation from nursery. For me it has been an amazing year and DH and I feel so grateful to their two teachers who amongst many other things have taught them to speak Hebrew, integrated them into Israeli society and helped them to start becoming independent from each other. 

Last Friday morning was the end of year party which we were invited to. It started off with a story time featuring two live ducks, then there was snack time, painting bags, bouncy castles and ice lollies and it culminated with a party with songs by the singing lady who came once a week to nursery throughout the year.

At the very end each teacher gave out a gift to the children. They all received their own pillowcase with their photograph on it. 

A went up to get hers fist and was very excited, had the obligatory photo with her teacher and came back to show us what she had. DH and I looked at it and wondered.
E then was called up by her teacher to get her gift. The same routing of photograph and then we looked at both photos. 

We studied them for a few seconds and both agreed that without a doubt they had been given the wrong photo. We tried to switch them around but A lay on the floor screaming that it was hers. We gave her the photo of E back.

The teachers asked what was the matter. We admitted the error. One of the teachers agreed with us, the other one said no way and we were wrong. We weren't wrong. Sometimes it's hard to tell but we were fortunate with the photos and the clothes they were wearing we knew who was who. Now after a week they agree with us as to who is who and they have the correct pillowcase on their own bed.

So it's nice to know after a whole year with their teachers, 8 hours a day, that their individuality had shone through and they knew who was who!

Well now it's the summer holidays so they have a couple of weeks off before we start again in a new nursery with a new teacher to confuse for the year!!