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Monday, 26 December 2011

It's a lock down

I got the absolute best present from DH last week. Some may find it a little strange in my choice of gift but it has saved me hours of frustration and has saved me lots of money on wasted snacks. Still a little confused? I am now the proud owner of the "Boots MagLock" system.

I have spent the last few months complaining that A&E are constantly moving their highchairs, opening the larder cupboard, climbing up and smuggling chocolate/raisins/crackers/dry pasta/tea bags/potatoes - you name it they have opened/eaten/dropped them all.

The power of the word "NO" eventually did work on boy in the middle when he was a toddler but the power of 2 is a greater force.

At my wits end last week after clearing up powdered jelly and lentils DH went out and not only bought the most powerful magnetic cupboard lock he then proceeded to fit it as well.

A&E looked on and listened to the noise of the drill as I explained that Daddy was locking the cupboard. I felt a perverse sense of enjoyment and power against my fabulous but cheeky double act. There were a couple of tense moments when DH thought it wouldn't work and we all left the room to as give him some man space to work in. Once it was fitted I was rather worried about shutting the door and potentially locking away all our good food forever if it didnt re-open. Extremely helpful advice on the instructions reminded us not to leave the magnet inside the cupboard and then shut the door - then we really will be in trouble (I am sure that will happen at some point!).

Not only do I have power over the youngest two members of the family it is working wonders for all of us. We keep the magnet high up on the extractor hood and so now eldest daughter and boy in the middle cannot get into the biscuit tin without asking permission. It is also working wonders for my self control as sometimes I cannot be bothered to get the magnet to open the cupboard to delve into the chocolate raisins  - benefits all round.

A week on and the constant demand for crackers from A&E has completely stopped. Occasionally they go to the cupboard and say "Daddy lock" and then they walk away!

The best thing is there are 4 more magnets waiting to be fitted to whichever cupboard they aim for next. Now I need to stop them from turning on the taps!