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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Twirly Girlies

I remember one day as a young girl of around 9 or 10 over-hearing a conversation between my Mum and my Sister who is 5 years older than me.  I can't remember the exact details of the conversation but I do know it was to do with clothes and it was certainly to do with the fact that my Mum didn't like or approve of whatever my sister was wearing. I remember being the annoying younger sister and claiming that I always wore what Mum picked out or suggested and I would never be bothered about my clothes.  Of course that didn't last long as I also turned into a teenager with an unusual dress sense.

Now I look at my own children and I thought all was going extremely well. Eldest daughter is extremely compliant - has a good dress sense and happily wears all manner of clothes according to occasion. Boy in the middle generally couldn't care less what he wears although he has a preference for red tops or sweatshirts. I think he is realising that boys clothes are just not as colourful as girls.

And then we get to the youngest members of our family. And that is where the ease of dressing ends.  The days of dressing A in pink and E in purple have long since gone and I now have to contend on a daily basis with dressing two of the girliest girls I have ever met.  The piles of jeans and trousers and leggings that were all worn by eldest daughter sit unloved and unworn in the wardrobe. In their place we have twirly skirts and dresses.  A is the most particular about her choice of clothes and whereas she used to wear either a skirt or a dress,  in the past few days she has declared that skirts too are no longer acceptable and it is only dresses for her.  E is a little less particular and can on occasion be persuaded into a pair of leggings under a dress or skirt.  

I think the last time I recall either of them wearing leggings with no frills or twirly skirts in sight was on a hike up Masada at the end of December.

And it makes one wonder where they get this from? It's certainly not from me as I tend to wear jeans or trousers every day for work. 

I know or I hope at some point it will pass and the large variety of clothes that we have for them will get worn.  I am a little concerned about the approaching summer and the gorgeous stacks of shorts I have for them in the cupboard but at least on my last trip to Primark I bought a variety of sundresses which thankfully have all been approved and some of them have been given a twirling rating.