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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I am not holy!!

Weird occurence happened to me on the school run that I felt needed blogging. Firstly I was early for school pick up. Baby A and Baby E were awake in the car. I parked a little way from the school gates and loaded both girls into the stroller. We then took the short walk to school.  Walking towards me were 3 or 4 kids with 2 other mummies who attend a different school round the corner. As is usual the ladies were looking into my pushchair and I assumed they would smile and walk on by. One of the ladies came up to me and this is the conversation:

Lady: Are they twins?
Me: Yes
Lady: You must shake my hand and share the love

I obliged but felt a little odd about it.

Lady: You are so lucky. I am praying for twin girls. I have my boys but I really want twins and girls would be perfect and so shaking your hand will pass on the love and I hope to get my girls.

I was a little taken aback but then she carried on to tell me that she just lost twins at 7 weeks pregnant and that she was hoping her next preganancy would be twins. They were mesmerised by how identical the girls are and couldn't stop talking to them and staring at them. I did tell her that twins is double the fun but double the work and she said they are all a blessing and wished me well. I wished her all the luck for the future and carried on to the school gates just in time for pick up.

One of the more unusual conversations I have had with a random stranger that made me realise how lucky I am to have two such gorgeous girlies.

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  1. Some strange things do happen when you have twinnies! lol

    Mich x