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Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy first year!

I can't believe that Baby A and Baby E are 1 already. In just 365 days they have learned to cry, scream, roll, crawl, stand, walk round furniture, drink, eat, play, giggle, say mama - quite amazing.

As I reflect on the first year of having twins there are two main differences between having one tiny tot in a pushchair to having two, that I have noticed. Firsly the amount of time I get stopped in the street by random strangers.

Here are some of my favourite lines that people love to ask/inform me:

Ooh twins you must have your work cut out for you
Are they twins? A Boy and a girl?
Wow twins, I always wanted twins
How do you tell them apart?
I am a twin it's great
My cousin/brothers/nephews/grandchildren/daughters (fill in any type of relation) are twins
Which one's older?

My most used polite stock answers:                   What I really wanted to say:
Yes they are twins                                                   Damn no they're triplets I must have
                                                                              lost one

Yes I was shocked at my 12 week scan                  Of course I was bloody shocked
                                                                             wouldn't you be?

Yes they are identical                                              What do you think? They look
                                                                              completely the same

2 girls                                                                     They are both in pink so of
                                                                              course they are girls

She's 15 minutes older                                            Why on earth does it matter?

Not only do I get stopped in the street but  there is a whole new approach to life. If you have one baby, life can be hard, but with two babies it means that:

1. I am no longer a help at a friends child's birthday party. Instead of passing the sandwiches around, I have to pass a baby around
2. It takes me three journeys to get from the car into a friends house and then three journeys to leave again
3. My older two children are normally late for school as it takes so long to get everyone in the car in the mornings
4. If it's raining I have to bribe a friend to bring my older two kids out of school so that the babies can stay in the car
5. I can't shop in Lidl as all the trolleys only have 1 baby seat
6. When I go to a baby singing group I have to get the teacher to hold one of the babies when we get up and dance
7. I can't travel on an airplane by myself with all my kids until the babies are 2
8. I can't paint my nails as I never have the time and even if I did the amount of washing up I do would chip them straight away
9. Whenever I have finished changing a nappy and washing my hands there is always another baby to change
10. I don't need to lift weights at the gym as I am often carrying 8kilos of baby on each arm

 All said I wouldn't change my lot for the world.

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