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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Babes can bake!

Had to collect eldest daughter from school early today as she wasn't feeling well. The timing was all wrong. I had been shopping and as I arrived home and both girls were asleep in their carseats. I planned to unpack the shopping, make some pasta for dinner and make eldest daughters birthday cake for her party on Saturday night. As I was surrounded by 14 carrier bags and was desperately trying to find the ice-cream before it melted the phone rang. It was the secretary from school asking me if I would come and collect eldest daughter.

I put all the frozen and chilled food away, rang a friend to get a lift home for boy in the middle and went to collect her. Of course by the time I had done the round trip to school the babies were awake and  I knew that they would now be awake until bedtime. I bundled eldest daughter into bed and she fell straight to sleep and then in my mind my two girls would have a lovely time playing together with all their toys while I baked and cooked.

Why is it though that as soon as I need to do something both babies crawl at great speed across the kitchen grab my legs and demand to be picked up? They did have an entertaining time unloading the rest of the shopping and now that they are in bed I need to go and remove the box of toothpaste from my cake tin cupboard and take the biscuits out of the pan drawer. I look forward to discovering any other hidden treats!

Somehow this afternoon I did manage to bake the birthday cake, cook some chicken soup and make a pasta bake for dinner. The majority of the time I did have one baby in my arms but you can never be too young to learn how to use the magimix. My kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it and I now need to start the cleaning up process before I can begin the intricate work of icing the birthday cake with a ballerina on the top.

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