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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sink or swim!

Sometimes it is worth considering how much we really want to go out as a family. On Sunday we had a clear afternoon with no scheduled parties so decided that it would be fun to go swimming at our local healthclub.

We got all our stuff ready and if our neighbours had seen us loading up the car they may have thought we were going away for a few days. We had 2 large pink baby inflatable swimseats and 3 large gym bags containing an assortment of towels, dressing gowns, snacks, shampoo, change of clothes and various other essential items.
As we had put all the bags and both babies in the car and eldest daughter was pulling on her boots, boy in the middle announced that he didn't want to go as he had a tummy ache. Dear husband and I glanced at each other and assumed this was perhaps some phantom tummy ache and we persuaded him into the car. He did look a little on the pale side but we thought he would change his mind once we got to the pool.
Needless to say he genuinely didn't feel well and although he did get into his swimming trunks and dip his toe in the pool he started to shiver and we changed him back into his clothes. He then spent the next hour sitting by the side of the pool eating plain pasta that we had brought with for the babies and asking us if we could go home. The other three children did have a great time, so we felt we really had to go along with the enjoyment of the majority of our children.

We could almost describe it as a successful outing except for the fact that:
  • Of the two swimming pull ups I brought for the girls, one was ripped and so dear husband had to drip through the healthclub to purchase one from the reception
  • The bottle of shampoo that I had brought with to wash everyone's hair was entirely empty so they all had their hair washed with shower gel
  • As I was about to put both babies into their swimseats in the pool, boy in the middle needed the toilet so dear husband had to drip again and take him as I tried my best to get the two girls into their seats
  • Eldest daughter cried because I hadn't had a chance to swim just with her
  • As eldest daughter and I returned to the pool after we had showered, Baby A had just catapaulted out of the stroller headfirst onto the concrete and was looking a little woozy.
  • When 5 of us were changed and ready to go home, dear husband wondered if he would be allowed to get dressed or if he had to drive home dripping in his trunks (obviously a shower was out of the question)
We did make it home and 4 cups of milk later all the children went to bed. At least we succeeded in tiring them all out so they were asleep by the time the babysitter came and we could go out.

Unfortunately boy in the middle genuinely wasn't well and he has spent the last two days at home with a temperature.

Next time we have a free Sunday afternoon perhaps we will stay at home and watch a movie.

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