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Thursday, 3 February 2011

If you throw in a penny it may make a wish come true!

I had to feel a little sorry for boy in the middle today. When Baby E notices the door to the playroom is open she either likes to head for the stairs and see how far she can get or she heads for the downstairs toilet and plays with the toothbrush and toothpaste belonging to the older two kids.

A couple of weeks ago I had retrieve a toothbrush from the toilet, bin it and then replace it. I always intend to put the toilet lid down and close the door to the toilet but it doesn't always happen and so it was today that I found a five pence piece at the bottom of the toilet. Boy in the middle had been given his pocket money this week in five pence pieces and I had seen that he had stored them safely where he thought no one would be able to get them under the kitchen table on the floor.

I can only imagine that Baby E picked it up, crawled with it to the toilet and dropped it in. I am thankful that she didn't swallow it but a little disappointed that at such a young age she feels the need to throw a coin into any water that she sees. I only wonder what wish she made.

When boy in the middle came home from school we discovered the coin in the toilet. He asked me if I could get it for him to which I asked him why he couldn't get it himself. He looked at me to see if I was serious and then asked me for a glove to put on his hand so he could get it. I did genuinely intend to remove the coin myself but he happily put on a disposable multi purpose glove and plunged his hand into the toilet water. I was concerned that the water would get inside the glove, but he stretched and reached and got his coin out of the toilet. I was rather impressed with this especially since I didn't have to get involved. He removed the glove, his hand was dry, he washed the coin and this time he stored it safely in his wallet.

As this was going on I noticed Baby E out of the corner of my eye. She may only be 1 but she was watching what was going on, smiling and clapping her hands and then I knew her wish had come true!

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  1. Puts a whole new spin on the phrase "to spend a penny"..