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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lewis Hamilton watch out!

Maybe it's in the genes. My Dad, Grandpa D, a mechanic by trade also used to race saloon cars back in the '60s. I grew up in a home where the TV was turned off if football was on, but if a motor-race was on then the noise of the cars flying around the tracks filtered through the house from the living room.

Baby A and Baby E may not be able to walk yet, but they have developed a fascination for their ride on trucks and have learnt to drive. They climb aboard, rev up for a few minutes and then the race starts. The only person who really thinks they are racing is boy in the middle who cheers them on and encourages them to take the lead. Baby A and Baby E don't seem to be that competitive yet and in fact they clap each other whether they go forwards or invariably backwards. They can pick up quite a speed across the kitchen floor and they are quite adept at maneovering around the hairpin bends made up of too many highchairs in their way.

Not only do they seem to be great drivers but great mechanics too. They enjoy checking out the rear wheel axles, testing to check if the horn works and are often found checking the oil levels with a breadstick!

Happy Driving girls! (Perhaps they will work out which way round they are supposed to sit on them soon!)

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