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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Divide and conquer

I feel like I have been holding my breath all week but looking back now I can honestly say that they have survived and I can take a huge sigh of relief. I might add that they haven't just survived but they have positively blossomed.

After a tentative discussion last week that they would be moving onto separate tables, Sunday morning came, and DH and I both took A and E in to nursery. It is fair to say that we were both far more nervous than they were.

They were greeted as usual by extremely cheerful staff. We each took a child and deposited them with the correct teacher, gave them a hug and retreated towards the door. Nothing unusual about our departure, their heads were titled downwards, they were clutching their bunnies and dummies and we left.

Day one didn't quite go according to plan as Toddler A had an accident in the toilet and they called me to come and get her during sleep time. By the time I arrived toddler E was awake and so we all left!

By the second day E confidently showed me her new drawer and where she now kept her water bottle. By the third day I was enjoying pick up time more as I now had two very excited teachers competing to tell me details about their charge!

It feels great to actually be able to discuss them as the individuals that they are. The new teacher who has toddler E is always very animated to tell me that E is very very very happy. By Wednesday morning toddler A arrived in nursery to be greeted with a huge hug from a little boy.

E in turn seemed to have befriended a little girl who wears pink a lot who perhaps reminds her of her sister!

When I arrive to collect them each day it feels like the room lights up as A and E come running from different sides of the room to greet me.

They may sit at different tables but they still do lots of activities together and I think it's fair to say that they have coped and the change hasn't affected them too dramatically after all. Every day at home I do notice they like to hug each other and jump on each other seemingly more than they used to. Occasionally they claim they are going to have a sleepover together by which they mean in the same bed as the metre apart they sleep maybe a little bit too far. If these are the main changes then I say well done all round.

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