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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

We wanna be together!

To separate or not? This is the major question of the week in our family. Should we or shouldn't we split the girls up at nursery?

Ever since we discovered we were expecting twins we always said we would do our best to ensure they develop as individuals and not as a pair. Over the past couple of years we have heard all sorts of extreme stories of families who emblazoned their doorframe with signs such as "there is no one called twins in this house!" to watching a programme on the worlds most identical twins to see one pair of identical twin girls married to the same one man!

DH and I really want to allow A and E to grow and blossom as individuals but they are twins, they are the same age and obviously they do things together. So much so that I do refer to my kids as the big two and the little two.

So tomorrow is a major day in their lives. After two months of settling into an all Hebrew speaking nursery, being in the same group and sitting for meals on the same table, we have taken the enormous decision to split them up. The notion came from the nursery staff as they were concerned that they only play together and don't talk to any other children. Since they don't actually speak the same language as the other children we felt this was completely normal. After a few discussions together and with the nursery staff we have come to realise that although it may be tough for a few days it will be the right decision.

So following a meeting yesterday we have decided to split them up as from tomorrow. I feel a little trepidation for them both. I broached the subject with them this afternoon. Toddler A is going to be staying on the table with the teacher that she is used to and didn't seem to mind the fact that sister E would be moving. Toddler E thought it would be fine to move to the other table as long as sister A could come with her! We didn't dwell on the subject for too long and we will see how they feel this time tomorrow.

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