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Friday, 28 September 2012

And so to pastures new...

It's the moment that I knew would come round quickly and as much as I had been craving this moment since AandE were born I was also dreading it.

Yes I'm talking about the need for the girls to gain their own independence, make friends of their own not just my friends' children and begin their educational career.

Since we have now moved to Israel I had two options. Either to send them to a private nursery in English or send them straight to nursery in Hebrew. I consulted friends, relatives, various nurseries and in the end went with the most cost effective option (huge consideration for two) as well as the option that would help them the most. So yes, I guess it was sink or swim, and we opted for full day-care in Hebrew.

Ideal for working parents they can go any time from 7am until 3.30pm. They have to be in by 8.30am for breakfast so AandE tend to arrive at 8am allowing me time to get to my Hebrew language course.

We are now one month in to their new regime and I can look back and honestly say it hasn't been that bad. Had we stayed in England I had all these marvellous ideas that they would not be going to nursery with a dummy, and their pink bunnies would certainly be staying at home. However, as I'm not a completely cruel Mummy there was no way I could expect them at age 2.5 to go off to nursery in a foreign language in completely new surroundings for a whole day including a sleep without the things they love most. So they are very much together with an assortment of dummies and bunnies and do you know what, they are thriving.

The language barrier has not been a problem. Their nursery leader is lovely. I know that they eat lunch, I know they have a sleep every afternoon and every so often they bring home lovely pieces of art for me to stick on the fridge.

Do they play with any other children? I have no idea. Are they happy? They seem to be. There are still a few stifled tears from both of them every morning but I know that's just for me and as soon as I leave they are completely fine.

How am I feeling now that I don't have to look after them 24/7? Liberated is a word that springs to mind. I do miss them but I also love that they have a packed day and I haven't had to entertain them. And of course the best part of daycare is that at
3.30 when I arrive to collect them I get two huge smiles and two little girls who almost knock me over every time with their hugs. Priceless.

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