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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tell me it gets easier?

Last week I had my online shopping delivered by a very nice man. He watched in fascination as A&E grabbed the yogurts from a crate, ripped off the lids, flung spoons out of the cutlery drawer and proceeded to eat them whilst dripping small amounts down their pyjamas.

He proudly told me he had eleven week old twins and then said:
"Tell me it gets easier?"
I looked at A&E having a fabulous time when they should have been heading off to bed and before I could reply he said "
Or just lie to me!"

The reason I haven't even had a chance to sit down and write a blog post over the last few weeks is because I never really have a writing window in my day. As much as I adore A&E my life has altered dramatically. One toddler is difficult enough to control and to persuade to stay away from the pan drawer/wasing machine/make up drawer - but two is virtually impossible.

E has taken a great liking to my dressing table and in particular the lip gloss. Whenever she gets the chance to grab one she insists on smearing it all over her neck. She is likely to be doing this at the same time that A has wandered into boy in the middle's room, climbed up on his bed, flung his match attax cards all over the bedroom floor and is working on colouring in his school reading book.

On Monday dh took the day off and we decided to go on a day out with friends. We met at the British Museum. Just getting there on public transport was an achievement in itself.  But it was as we arrived at the museum that I had a flashback of taking eldest daughter there with my Mum when boy in the middle was in his buggy and we decided it is not the most toddler friendly museum in London. And here we were with two of them.

It's fair to say that thanks to our friend the eldest two children had a great time in the museum. The youngest two enjoyed rolling on the marble floor, running as fast as they could in opposite directions to each other and leaving a trail of crisps and breadsticks throughout the African and Egyptian galleries.

Every morning I wake up and wonder what the day will have in store for me. How much spillage will there be around my house, dare I take A&E into the playground at the school run or will I never get them back in the car, or shall we just head off to a friends house so there will be less mess in mine?

So in order to answer the Tesco delivery man - does it get easier? Hell no, probably harder by the day but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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  1. Comments from Facebook:

    Arin Whiddon ok, I'm a little freaked out now. :-)

    Sarah Hemens you should give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for finding/making the time to write!

    Gina Cohen Couldn't agree with you more Suzanne!

    Rochelle Shorrick Harris Glad you found the time to write this one, love reading them!

    Jonathan Friedman Good work Zan. Maybe dh needs to contribute a little more?