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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Two turn 2

Our beautiful girls turned two last week. Normally you wonder where the time has gone but so much has happened in my life since these two girls came into our lives. For me, them turning 2 is a real milestone.

When I first told my Mum that I was expecting twins she declared that the first two years would be the hardest and then it would start to get easier. Well as she was right about most things I am hoping she was right about this too.

I normally write about how the girls have developed but they are just two cheeky two year olds. I on the other hand am one very busy mummy who laughs, shouts, smiles, tells stories, cooks,  learns, multi-tasks but most of all is completely smitten with my lot.

It's worth mentioning that in the past two years I have learned to:

Carry two increasingly heavy girls up the stairs at the same time

Talk on the phone, do playdoh and fold laundry - all at the same time

Easily find room to fit one girl on each knee for storytime

Change two nappies in record time

Have two dummies, two hats, two cups, two nappies, two lots of snacks in my bag at all times

Know when it's necessary to have two of a certain toy and when one can be shared

Really found meaning in the phrase - "Sharing is caring"

Amost tell them apart!

The power of two is very special. I am very honoured to be their Mummy and as all those random strangers like to say to me "ooh double trouble" - I say "double the love"!

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  1. Sometimes I wonder how long it took Mum to remember the 'two of everything' for us. I know we always, always swapped to get our own things - sometimes we had to swap back again! It's great reading about what raising twins is like from the parent's pint of view, rather than as one of the reflections. Thanks for writing this! :)