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Friday, 15 July 2011

Spice Girls

I had a beautiful kitchen fitted in my house about 4 years ago. I chose lots of cool things like a pull out larder cupboard and deep pan drawers and then either side of the hob to fill the space I had small pull out racks put in. One contains my clingfilm and tin foil and the other side contains lots of small bottles of herbs and spices. A & E are now really adept at pulling out the foil and greaseproof paper and putting it back in and this week they seem to have found a new found love with the spice rack.

The other day I wondered why they both started sneezing but then I saw that the lid was slightly off the 7Thai Spice and they were both inhaling it. The lid also doesn't quite close on the ground ginger which they clearly liked the smell of and to their delight they discovered when a jar is thrown at the floor Mummy has to painstakingly sweep up mustard seeds. They really didn't enjoy the taste of the bayleaves and I am now totally out of paprika and turmeric.

I wouldn't mind but I have a kitchen/playroom, so right next to this abundance of pans, spices, straws, bleach and noodles are plenty of toys, books and games.  Clearly though I have two budding cooks in the making with a nose for fine spices.

As I look around my kitchen I think that they have almost explored every cupboard. They haven't emptied my cake tin cupboard for a couple of weeks but I have just noticed my two open shelves under my kitchen table full of cookery books - I assume once they get even more acquainted with my tools and spices they will start looking up suitable recipes in my books!

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