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Sunday, 31 July 2011

I'll only be 10 minutes...

With 4 children aged 18 months to 8 years I have found that I become reliant on friends, acquaintances, tradesmen and babysitters to look after my kids. School finally finished the other day and my kids really wanted a bbq for dinner. I was hesitant to take all four of them in the car just to buy charcoal and eldest daughter and boy in the middle were having a lot of fun with the gardeners. The gardeners have known us for years and as they were going to be at my house for another 25 minutes it gave me plenty of time to nip out with A&E to get the charcoal.

Needless to say the petrol station didn't sell the ready to light bbq charcoal that I like to use so I had to park in our local supermarket carpark which is indeed a hypermarket and take the girls with me. We eventually found a trolley with 2 seats in it and then we whizzed up and down the aisles until we came across the bag of charcoal that I wanted.

I headed for the do it yourself express checkout which as it transpired wasn't express and very few people using the checkout seemed to be doing it themselves as they all required assistance from the one assistant. When we finally had paid and purchased our 5kg bag of charcoal all that remained was for me to make it back to the car. In my wisdom and to save time I decided that I would take the girls out of the trolley and we would all walk to the car. As I was struggling through the car park holding one girl, a 5kg bag of charcoal and with the other girl walking holding my hand I realised how crazy I must have looked let alone how  dangerous it was. Luckily various cars in the carpark stopped to let us all get safely to the car.

Having loaded everyone back in I raced home. The gardeners had finished and I apologised. Why does a 10 minute excercise always turn into half an hour?

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