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Monday, 23 May 2011

Mini Me

I have often had the same discussion with friends who say that sometimes they leave the house wearing the same colours as their kids. It's true that when my eldest kids were pre-school age if I had pulled out jeans and a red top to wear, you could be sure that boy in the middle would be wearing blue tracksuit trousers and a red top. There is something about my subconscious that obviously chooses the same colours for everyone.

Now thankfully eldest daughter and boy in the middle wear school uniform and pull out their own clothes at the weekend but obviously I have to choose all the outfits for Baby A and Baby E.

On Saturday we were invited out for lunch. I got dressed and then I got the girls dressed in their matching dresses, Baby A in pink with a white t-shirt and Baby E in purple with a white t-shirt. Dear husband was already out so I put the girls in the pushchair and walked round to my friends house.  It was only as I was halfway there that I actually looked down to notice that I was wearing my long purple dress with a white T-shirt underneath. I couldn't believe that I had left the house dressed the same as one of my 16 month old daughters!

Needless to say various people pointed this out throughout the course of the day. I made a note to self to try and avoid such clashes in the future.

Sunday came and eldest daughter I completed in the Race for Life in Regents Park with lots of friends. We left the house early and left dear husband in charge of the youngest children. I left the girls clothes out for him. When I got to the park I called dear husband and asked him to bring my fleece sweatshirt down for after the run as it was rather cold.

I completed the 5k run in my own personal best time of 28mins12seconds and eldest daughter amazed me by running it in 42mins. We then met up with dear husband, the other kids and lots of friends for a picnic. I pulled my sweatshirt out of the bag to keep warm and then realised I had done it again. Baby A, Baby E, eldest daughter and I were all wearing our Gap sweatshirts in various colours.

2 days in a row.

This morning when I got up I consciously put on my favourite lime green sweater, as this colour doesn't feature at all in the babys' wardrobe.

As I sit here writing this a thought is crossing my mind. We are going to a family function in a couple of weeks time and I have a feeling that my 3 daughters and I are all wearing very similar floral dresses for the occasion. I have a feeling that perhaps I have done it again.

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