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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Which one are you?

Over the long bank holiday and festive period we have spent lots of fun times together as a family of 6 along with extended friends and family. No longer spending the majority of the day on my own with the girls I have found myself clarifying and checking who is Baby A and who is Baby E a few times a day. Feeling the constant need to distinguish their individuality they have been dressed where possible in their traditional colours of Baby A in pink and Baby E in purple.

Last month at twins club this poem was given out and I feel it a fitting description on behalf of Baby A and Baby E.

Which one are you?
Look at me
Look at him
Just the same
Just my twin
Same hair, same eyes
Same face, same size
Same freckles, same nose
Same expression, same clothes
Same same same!

No I'm not
Nor am I
I'm me
So am I
Different thoughts, different dreams
Different plans, different schemes
Different likes, different hates
Different games, different mates

Two of us who look the same
 But both of us have got a name!

Written by David Harmer

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