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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Which direction first?

As predicted we went back to buy shoes for Baby A today. One week exactly since Baby E got hers.

As a treat for the girls after exploring the shoe shop and licking all the mirrors and shuffling all the pairs of shoes I took them to the pet shop opposite. I thought it only fair to let them both get out of the stroller and get up close to the bunny rabbits. They were completely mesmerised for a good 5 minutes and then my worst nightmare began. Baby E is really fast on her feet now so she walked off towards the hamsters and within a second had turned a corner and was out of my direct line of vision. Baby A still a little tentative in her new shoes had to be quickly picked up so we could dash around the corner. Thoughts came back to my bag complete with wallet on the back of the stroller that I had abandoned, but I figured it was best to take care of the girls first.

I re-grouped the two girls and the stroller and we settled to watch the hamsters for a few seconds before Baby E saw the display of little packets of hamster and rabbit treats.  She proceeded to pull not just one or two but about eight packets off the shelf before I could stop her. Baby A meanwhile was having a chat with one of the bunnies again and was very animated with it. Baby E lost interest with the animals and was more keen on the packets of dog chews and treats that lined the shelves at perfect to reach toddler height.

I managed somehow to get both girls and the stroller over to the fish section but as they both turned and tried to wander off in opposite directions I knew that it was time to leave.  Loudly voicing their annoyance I quickly put them back in the stroller and headed for the exit and my car.

Ever since I found out I was expecting twins this was always the time I wondered about. How on earth will I ever go anywhere again with two girls who both wish to go in opposite directions? I guess I will either have to only take them to a safe confined space, take eldest daughter with me who is slightly more responsible than boy in the middle, or as I have learnt at twins club, I may actually have to invest in a couple of pairs of reins.

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