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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Fish 'n' fowl

Often after school outings involve splashing in the pool with your kids, watching them pirouette at ballet, running around the park with them, teaching them to ride their bikes or other such fun activities.

On Thursday I had the pleasure of taking Baby A and Baby E to be vaccinated against chickenpox with eldest daughter and boy in the middle for support and to assist me. Not being able to have this vaccination on the good old NHS I had to go to a private clinic. It was all rather clandestine as I followed the instructions that had been texted to me. I was not to park outside a red garage and I was to go down the side of a house and find a door to the surgery.

All good in theory until the path down the side of the house wasn't wide enough for me to get my double stroller through by myself. Finding the "surgery" and the receptionist was straightforward enough and then between us we managed to manouevre the stroller with babies who wanted to jump out down the pathway. With everyone in situe at our alloted time it turned out the nurse was stuck in traffic. Baby A and Baby E used this time to crumble crackers all over the portacabin surgery floor.

With images in my mind of two screaming babies needing to be comforted I couldn't believe it when Baby A who has been crying due to teething pain on and off for 5 days, didn't actually let out a murmer when the needle went in. Baby E cried for a couple of seconds - it was all rather painless. The pain of getting the stroller out onto the street again was worse than the injections.

With no food prepared at home I felt it best to take the kids out for supper and so we chose a fish and chip restaurant around the corner. I've never taken all 4 of my kids out to eat by myself and now I know why.

Firstly their were no highchairs. Secondly I forgot the babies cups. Thirdly Baby A resumed her role as the screamer, refused to eat and cried continuously. One plate of goujons, one plate of chips and a couple of bottles of water later I urged the oldest two to eat quickly. Baby E had a rather brilliant time sitting on a chair and eating piecs of goujon with a fork.

To top it all off the restaurant only accepted cash to which I had none. Thankfully there was a cashpoint next door so I didn't even have to consider leaving boy in the middle to wash up.

All in all it wasn't a terrible outing.  Dear husband was thrilled at the chance to eat proper fish and chips that we brought home in a take out box. Next week however when we have a free afternoon I think we may see if its less stressful at the park.

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