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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Couscous recipe for disaster

Boiling Water
Chicken pieces
2 Bowls
2 Spoons
2 Babies

Fluff the couscous with boiling water. Add small pieces of chicken to the couscous.
Place the chicken and cous cous into 2 small bowls.
Add a spoon into each bowl.
Place the bowl in front of a baby in the highchair.
Watch the disaster unfold before your eyes!

I regularly serve couscous to Baby A and Baby E becasue they enjoy it and it is so quick to make. Each time I make it and serve it and then spend 3 days finding it all over the house, I wonder why I don't just stick to pieces of pasta.  Not only does the couscous get down both babies vests, it fills every corner of the highchair, the floor looks like a giant couscous spillage and I can often find it hours later in the babies cots or amongst their toys.

My biggest gripe however is that I haven't yet discovered a dustpan and brush that will successfully clear the stuff off the floor and out of my life! As much as I sweep it the stuff remains stubbornly on my wooden floor. As I write this I am looking at the post lunch disaster area and realise I must get the baby wipes out to properly free my kitchen from the stuff.

As much as Baby A and Baby E enjoyed playing with it, flinging it across the table and wiping it through their hair I wonder if any of it was consumed at all?!

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