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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Things that go bump in the night!

Some things just become a habit, like complaining when it's time to have their hair washed, or their daily fix of watching Peppa Pig, or their almost total refusal to allow Daddy to get them dressed. Some of these habits we can put up with, get over or ignore but then there are others that we really do not want to become habits yet we are increasingly unable to put a stop to.

And so it has become something of a routine that almost every morning when I wake up I find either A or E snuggled up in my bed next to me. On occasion there is a little girl on either side of me, leaving DH little room on his side of the bed! And each morning when I wake up and see a cute little face next to me, part of me is so happy to see her and part of me is increasingly annoyed that I had not noticed when she had arrived in the night and that I had not had the strength or ability to take her back to her bed.

It has become so much of an occurrence that if I do wake up without a small child in the bed, my first thought is usually to realise how well I slept with so much space. My thought process then hopes that they are both ok followed by a dash out of bed to check on them!

So in order to nip this habit in the bud we are consciously (or semi-consciously I should say for the middle of the night) trying to navigate the girls back to their room when they get up for a wander around usually at 2am. The only problem is that our own sleeping hours are very limited and once I am asleep I don't really hear very much. Which means that DH if he wakes up at all has also been trying to get up and take A or E back to bed.

We thought it was starting to work but then when I woke up this morning with one of them asleep next to me. DH was amazed. He commented
"But I took her back to bed at 4am - I wonder when she came back".
"Well I presume she is still in her bed; this is the other one"I pointed out to him!

It's a privilege and a pleasure to be the parents of twins and in the case of these frequent nocturnal visits we will continue in our quest to break the cycle and perhaps one time in the not too distant future we will all manage to sleep through the night!

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