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Sunday, 29 April 2012

A date with a difference!

It's been a month since my last blog and things have been pretty hectic but we did it! 

Since A and E were born two and a quarter years ago I don't think dh and I have managed to spend much quality time together. On 30th March 2012 we spent 2 hours,13 minutes and 25 seconds together catching up, chatting and running 21.1 km around Tel Aviv. Not much of a date I know but quality time none the less.

The months of training in the pounding rain around the streets of Hertfordshire paid off and the cool temperatures at 7.30am with the sea breeze helping us along were much more enjoyable. The run itself went very well, the last 4km were a struggle and the following day I couldn't walk up or down stairs - luckily we treated ourselves to a night in a hotel afterwards so we really could try and relax - if it's possible to relax sleeping in the same room as our 4 children!

Looking back now I feel a massive sense of achievement. After A&E were born I felt the need to lose weight and get fit but I never imagined it would lead me to running a half marathon.

As a family we raised over £12,000 for a Magen David Adom rapid response bike in memory of my amazing Mum who would have been so chuffed, even though she used to tell me I was crazy to have taken up running - didn't I burn up enough calories running around after A&E?

I have given myself a well deserved break and actually haven't run since the big day. However as A&E were watching the London marathon runners on TV last week, they pointed at the runners and said "Look - Mummy running" - they are clearly very proud to have me as their Mum as I am of my Mum.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the "Team Running for Elaine", all those who sponsored us, helped us with training and physio, babysat the kids on the day of the race and attended the dedication of the bike. It is always extremely rewarding to do something so positive in response to such a sad event and this bike is now helping to save lives on the streets of Israel and for us it is keeping Mum's memory very much alive.

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