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Monday, 13 December 2010

It's all in the act

I love my kids and never considered signing up my first two to do any modelling or child acting. However I was intrigued to come across a twin agency when the girls were small. It cost me nothing to sign them up so I did. I thought nothing of it until I was asked to send a recent photo of the girls in early October 2010.

As a result I spent 5 brilliant days in late October with Baby A and E who were picked to play the part of one 10 month old baby girl in a 5 part ITV drama. The filming was all local to my house and on day 4 I even got to play the part of a WPC who had to rescue the baby from the house.

On the final day of filming which was a Sunday we had to film at our local police station. All 6 of us arrived early and we had a great time educating the oldest 2 children on the film set. We were really interested and excited to see how everything is done and the kids were keen at first but then were even happier when we took them to the petrol station next door to purchase them each a packet of crisps.

The girls both took part in the filming. Baby A did days 1,3 and 5 and baby E did days 2 and 4 which turned out to be larger scenes each time so they both had an equal go at acting.  They had to be wheeled in a prisine single pram with brand new toys - not very authentic considering the baby was 10 months. There should have been some breadsticks and fruit bars squashed into the straps at the very least! Baby E had her nappy changed on a kitchen table and got to be held by me, the WPC who rescued her from her on screen mother who had just pushed her on screen father down the stairs and accidentally killed him.

It looks set to be a rather gripping violent drama series called Injustice and we look forward to seeing it on tv some time next year.

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