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Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's only taken 18 months

I have wanted to sit down and get this blog going since July 2009. On Monday 13th July I went on the train to the Foetal Medicine Centre in Harley Street looking forward to my twelve week scan of our third baby. I had seen the midwife the week earlier and had heard a heartbeat so I was looking forward to seeing the newest addition to our family on the screen and then going out for lunch. 
Having had two healthy pregnancies, this time round the sickness was the same, I was a little fatter and perhaps a tad more tired but this was all put down to the fact that it was a third pregnancy.
There is nothing quite like the calmness of this private clinic with lots of couples sitting quietly and nervously on the comfy sofas around the waiting room. We were ushered into our scan by a very friendly Sonogropher and got ourselves comfy and he started the ultrasound. After an initial glance at the screen, the Sonogropher in his German accent asked "How much pregnant are you?" to which I replied, "twelve weeks". Then he repeated himself, "No but how much pregnant are you?". "Twelve weeks" (getting slightly crosser now that he doesn't understand me). "No, I mean how many babies do you have in there?" "Well obviously just the one" I reply. "No you are wrong, there are two".

And that is when I should have started my blog when my world turned upside down - in a good way, but I have been rather busy since then.

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